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Digital Creation

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Our team of overseas 3D modelers cost a fraction of the price as an in-house engineer. Our modelers deliver high quality 3D models that can be used across Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, E-Commerce, Virtual Sampling, Production and 3D Printing.

How It Works


We create 3D models based on product design sketch, CAD, images, tech pack or physical sample. Send us your files to get started.


Once we reviewed the files, we send you a custom quote.


Our 3D team starts immediately so you can receive your models within days!

3D Models for Virtual Sampling

Save on sample costs and speed up your development timelines by utilizing virtual sampling capabilities. With our highly realistic 3D models, we help your design team make faster decisions with accurate product visualizations. We utilize digital material libraries at this phase to generate new material combinations and automated costing. 

3D Models for Augmented Reality

Let your customers try on and shop footwear in Augmented Reality! AR has created an engaging customer experience that increases e-commerce and mobile conversions, reduces returns and helps customers visualize products in the real world. Make your own AR app or use existing AR solutions.

3D Models for Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is gamifying the customer experience, creating a new way for customers to interact with your brand. Launch virtual stores for customers, virtual showrooms for buyers, virtual runway shows, virtual reality games, or any other customer experiences you can think of.

3D Models for E-Commerce

Enhance your eCommerce experience with interactive 3D models that allow shoppers to truly engage with your products online and increase conversions on your website. The 360 Product Viewer creates photorealistic renders that closely match your physical products, which can also save on photography costs. It is compatible with all major eCommerce platforms (such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce). It’s compatible with every major web browser, operating system, and device.

3D Models for Production

What makes us different and where we really thrive is our 3D modeling team has a background in footwear production, not the typical visual effects, gaming or animation. This enables us to take your 3D models from concept to reality like no other company. We have strong partnerships with mold shops and factories to bridge the gap between 3D design to mass production with a true consideration to manufacturability.

3D Models for 3D Printing

We support 3D printing for prototyping and production parts through our wide network of printing partners and our extensive knowledge of additive manufacturing. We can guide you through the various printing processes, materials and provide part geometry suitable for your application.

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